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Eczema Relief

November 22, 2012

I first found out about your products at the 2012 Ruthven Apple Festival where came across your booth, and being that I try my hardest to use everything natural (especially on my son) I was very interested in learning more. The man at the booth was super informative in explaining your products to us.

I have an almost 2 year old son who suffers from Eczema and have tried EVERY product that is sold on stores (I mean all of them) and have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on products that don’t work so I have to admit I was not 100% sold on the idea of trying something new but I thought what’s the harm in it, and let me tell you I am so glad I did. I purchased 1 bar of the Natural Unscented bar soap and not only has it lasted 2 months so far (that’s having a bath every night) but it has improved his skin 100%!

His skin is not only clear, it is beginning to repair itself and the discoloration he had is starting to blend. I was so impressed with this soap that I recently just made a purchase of 5 more bars so that we don’t run out. I recommendthis product  to everyone if it can help my son I am positive it can help anyone. Also when ordering more soap it was nice that they delivered it to me personally, it’s  nice to meet, see and talk with the people who are selling the product.
Thanks again for your wonderful product, and you for sure will be hearing from me again (when my 5 bars run out)
Krysta B
LaSalle Ontario

Cracked Dry Feet

August 27th, 2012

Hi Kelly:

"My mom was suffering from severe dry and itchy skin on her feet. She would apply different lotions several times a day with no sign of improvement. After I had talked to you I told her to stop using all those lotions and I would give her Fornya all natural soap to try instead.


It's been a few weeks and her feet are almost 100%. She's very happy, and will never use anything else on her feet.


Thank you so much. Elaine, Belle River, Ont"

Relief From OCD

August 1st, 2012

I suffer from O.C.D. and used to shower 7 times a day, constantly be rubbing lotions into my skin. I would wake up every night scratching sometimes until I required stitches. Within 2 days of using Fornya soap I am down to only 2 showers a day, I use less than half the lotion I used to use and am sleeping right through the night. The ashy skin between my toes and fingers has also disappeared. Fornya is the only soap I will ever use again. 

Amber A.

Windsor, Ontario

Very Sensitive Skin

June 18th 2012
Dear Kelly,

I have recently purchased some of your O3 Pure and Fornya products.

I was a huge Bath and Body Works Fan and am not always open to change. When I used the Fornya Scented soaps, I loved that it didn’t leave a residue and the smell is fantastic. I have now completely switched over to the new bar soaps. I have just learned that I can make my own foaming hand soap from the bars of soap and that will be great for my kids to use. I also like that I am able to cut the bars into halves so that the kids can easily manage to pick them up with their hands. It is important to me to use soap on my children that is not full of harmful chemicals. My boys have very sensitive skin as do I and we have had no problems or issues with the Fornya soaps. 

Your products have helped me and my family so much.

Thank you, Heidi K., East Troy, WI.

Burned Eyelids

July 3rd, 2012

Fornya Unscented Soap

About 1 year ago I burnt my eyelids using a serum and ended up basically looking like a racoon. The skin around the eyes was red, dry, and cracking. I started using the FORNYA Premium Handmade unscented soap, gently dabbing on my eyelids and around my eyes. In just over 2 weeks the redness has disappeared from my eyelids and the areas around my eyes. My skin is no longer dry and cracking it is hydrated and I look normal again.

Wow, who would have guessed a soap could make this much difference.
Bernie B. Winnipeg, Manitoba

Dry Skin Patches

June 30,2012

Hi Kelly

I had a dry patch of skin on my arm and I used numerous medications, creams and Tea Tree Oil and nothing helped. Within 1 week of using Fornya handmade soap the spot is gone and my skin is really soft.

Windsor, Ontario

Niki M.


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