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As a division of Kel Technologies we focus on  safe, healthy products that reflect our belief that everyone deserves a safe, healthy lifestyle. During the product research stage in the development of the Kel Technologies Low-E Shades we realized the unknowing health risks people face from chemical exposure on a daily basis. What we learned very quickly was that very few people knew the serious health risks to their children or themselves from chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. This research information was the basis for Kel Technologies O3 Pure and Fornya Life Products divisions. The content of Fornya Canada's website the layout is a result of Kel Technologies Director of Research and Development Team (a Canadian) Kelly Flaming.  It seems only fitting that he would launch Fornya Canada.
The emphasis of Fornya Canada's website is to educate people about the unknown toxic chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. The first concern being children. Please keep in mind children's organs are not fully developed, what is not toxic to an adult can pose serious  health risks to a child. Just because a product is sold in major retail outlets does not mean the ingredients in the product are safe. It is up to us to research what is in the products we use and make educated decisions.
If one child is protected from unnecessary chemical exposure and undue health risks as a result of their parents taking positive action after reading the information on our website then we have done our job.
Fornya Canada is committed to continuing to research and  educate our friends, family and customers about the health risks and quality of the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and the soaps we use daily.
We offer Healthy Lifestyle Solutions to reduce unecessary chemical exposure through Log Home Body Soap Products, Fornya Soapnuts and O3 Pure products.  
We welcome your feedback and invite you assist us in educating parents.
Please feel free to join our monthly news letter that contains our ongoing research.
    Fornya Canada
Kelly Flaming
2654 County Road 46
Ruscom, Ontario

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Canadian Distribution
Kelly Flaming
2654 County Road 46
Ruscom Station, Ontario N0R 1R0
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