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Fundraising For Our Children's Safety

The fact is fundraising dollars are harder than ever to generate than in years past. Quite often the time and effort of conducting a fundraising does not generate the dollars needed. Then after the fundraiser comes to a close, the organization has to start over again at zero. Schools and organizations are presented similar types of fundraising programs year after year with just different products. Let's face it the best fundraiser should be profitable, good for everyone involved, generate residual income creating a win-win situation.

Question: How do you have a successful fundraiser which can provide your organization with residual monthly income? 
Answer: By conducting a fundraising program which provides value + by utilizing a superior product or products that can be considered as essential, environmentally friendly, safe, healthy and good for you.

A Fornya Canada Fundraiser lets your school or organization raise money while teaching students, parents, teachers and the community about the safety, health risks and dangers of chemical exposure we are unknowingly exposed to daily. What could be better than learning about safe, healthy, lifestyle changes which can help protect our families.

Fundraising with Fornya Canada tames the fundraising monster with monthly residual income. One of the most educational, informative, healthy fundraisers available! A Fornya Canada Fundraiser is 100% school/organization friendly as there are no costs to start raising money with Fornya Canada. Once your school/organization has decided which products they want to use as a fundraiser we provide everything you need to start and run your fundraiser at zero cost to you (100% free to start). We include brochures, order forms, cash collection bags for the number of fundraising participants involved plus fundraising coordinator forms.

Soap is one of the most often used products in our lives and could easily be called essential. Basically all the varieties of soap serve the same purpose, to clean and we hardly give them a second thought.

The truth is that all soap is not the same. When you look at what you believe to be soap you see it comes in different scents, sizes, different colors in bar form, liquid form and the list goes on and on. Most body cleansers and soaps on the market today are synthetic detergent products (chemicals).The vast majority of these products on the shelf don't say soap. They might be called shower gels, body washes, beauty bars, moisturizing bars, deodorant bars, but not soap.

Why Fornya Canada Fundraising?

Educational & Informative: Fornya Canada Fundraising programs are an excellent source of information about the safety, health risks and dangers of toxic chemicals we are unknowingly exposed on a daily basis.

Child Safety From Chemicals in Soap: Fornya Premium Handmade Soaps are child safe we offer our 100% Natural Line and our Nearly Natural Line with only skin safe fragrance (2% or less by weight) and food grade approved colorants. Fornya Premium Handmade Soap contains: No Triclosan, No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, No Sodium Laureth Sulfate, No Propylene Glycol, No Petroleum Products, No Parabens, No Preservatives, No Formaldehyde, No 1,4-dioxane, No Synthetics

Environmentally Friendly: Fornya Canada fundrasing offers you the most environmentally friendly fundraising products which do not disturb the eco system.

No Upfront Costs: There is no cost to start your fundraiser. Fornya Canada supplies all brochures and order forms for each student or group member involved in the fundraiser.

Supporter Retention: Natural moisturizers, superior lather, combined with the amazing luxurious hydrated feel of a persons skin from using Fornya Premium Handmade Soaps makes supporters Fornya customers for life.

Residual Income: Soap and laundry cleaning supplies are essential products in every home. The performance from Fornya Premium Handmade Soap plus Fornya Soap Nuts will have supporters purchasing from your organization monthly resulting in residual income.

Free Shipping:

How Does a Fornya Canada Fundraiser work?

  1. Call us to learn details about a Fornya Canada Fundraiser.
  2. Email or fax us with the number of fundraising participants, we will supply 1 brochure and order forms for each person involved. 
  3. Have participants sell Fornya products to family, friends and collect payment.
  4. Once your fundraiser is complete, collect money and orders from participants.
  5. Tally orders together to get the total order required.
  6. Place the order by email or fax.
  7. Upon recieving your invoice from Fornya Canada review the invoice to make sure all numbers match.
  8. Submit payment for the cost of the order to Fornya Canada and keep the profit.
  9. Once recieving your payment we will ship your order within three business days.  

Contact us today to schedule a no fee consultation regarding your fundraising needs.

     Your organization can have Residual Income!




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