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Dear Kelly:

At 90 years old I have back problems. The doctors say there is no jelly sac between the vertebrae it’s just bone rubbing on bone. I was in constant pain, the doctors say I’m too old for surgery, just take pain pills every 2-4 hours as needed. I was up every hour or two every night with pain in my back legs and knees. I am so fortunate my son gave me some the O3 Pure ozonated olive oil to try. To me it is a real miracle, after 10-20 minutes it warms up on my skin and the pain is gone. I rub it on my back, legs and knees before I go to bed and now I sleep 4-6 hours without waking. I seldomly take pain pills and really happy to have it available in Canada, I thank God for it.


Myva F.

Winnipeg, MB

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Canadian Distribution
Kelly Flaming
2654 County Road 46
Ruscom Station, Ontario N0R 1R0
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