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Hospitals, hotels, and centres globally are replacing chemical cleaners with ozone infused water. Ozone infused water has many uses it is used to clean washrooms, bathrooms, showers, cupboards, food preparation surfaces and more. The reason why ozone infused water is being used is because ozone is a natural disinfectant, deodorizer, sanitizer and sterilizer which leaves no residue. When it come to cleaning ozone is 3000 times quicker than chlorine and 1.5 times stronger (more reactive). Ozone cleaning is not new, ozone has been created and harnessed by man for over 100 years.

What is ozone?

Ozone (O3) also referred to as activated oxygen is a molecule that consists of three oxygen atoms O3. In essence it is nothing more than a molecule of oxygen (O2) with an extra oxygen atom. Ozone is safe, colorless occurring naturally as a trace element in the atmosphere, where ozone is produced from the sun's ultra-violet(UV) rays and best known for serving to absorb many harmful UV rays in the straosphere. Ozone is also produced during lightning storms (high voltage passing through the air). The oxygen molecules are split into two individual atoms of oxygen which then bound with oxygen molecules forming the static loaded unstable ozone (O3) molecule. The special "fresh, clean, spring rain" smell after a thunder storm is a result of nature produced ozone. 

Ozone can also be created by ozone generators utilizing the same principles as in nature either with high voltage passing through O2 or with UV-light forming ozone (O3). as

How does Ozone work?

Ozone operates according to the principle of oxidation, when contaminants such as odors, bacteria and viruses come in contact with ozone thay are destroyed by oxidation. During the oxidation process the extra atom of oxygen is consumed with only a molecule of oxygen O2 remaining.

Important to Note

While ozone is very powerful, it has a short life cycle. Ozone has a half life which means the ozone concentration will be cut in half usually within 30 minutes. Unlike chemical cleaners which can be stored in your home , ozone infused water must be made onsite with an ozone generator.   

Fornya Canada's Healthy Cleaning Solution

Fornya Canada offers a residential O3 Pure Portable Multi-purpose Ozone Generator which will infuse ozone into water enabling individuals to clean without using chemicals. Read More 

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