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Healthy living is more than what you eat, it is about taking control of your enviroment. In the case of parents and grandparents it means becoming educated about household products and pesticides on food which pose health risks. Healthy living for children begins with the adults in the children's lives. Are you ready to improve your health and start feeling better?

Start by Stopping

Step 1) Break the cycle of chemical exposure to yourself and your family

Start by reading ingredient lists for cleaning solutions, detergents, personal care products and food. The first rule of thumb to keep in mind is "if there are no ingredients listed, don't use it." You should be able to pronounce the ingredients and the list should not be too long. Ingredients that are all capitalized are usually short for chemicals. Almost all household toxins and chemicals including the ones in personal care products are derived from petroleum. The second rule of thumb to keep in mind is "if you don't know what the ingredients are don't use it."

Remember chemicals absorbed by the skin are 10 times more potent than those taken orally because they travel directly to the tissues instead of passing through the liver.

Personal Care Products

Protect your family from chemicals in body washes, shampoos and soap by switching to Fornya Natural Moisturizing Premium Handmade Soap. Learn More

Make your own body wash and liquid handsoap from Fornya Natural Moisturizing Premium Handmade Soap. Learn how 

Laundry Detergents & Fabric Softeners

Protect your family from chemicals in laundry detergent and fabric softeners by switching to chemical free certified organic Fornya Soap Nuts. Learn More

Household Cleaning Products

Protect your family from chemicals in household cleaning products by switching to chemical free liquid soap nuts for overall household cleaning. Learn More

Step 2)  Break the cycle of pesticide exposure on the foods you and your family consume

Foodborne Illnesses & Pesticides on Fruits and Vegetables

Start by learning what is on fruits and vegetables. Educate yourself with the health risks from the different pesticides applied to the fruits and vegetables sold in grocery stores. Protect  your family from pesticides exposure on food consumed and foodborne illnesses by using the O3 Pure Elite 50 KT. Learn more

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