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The growing concern for safe, healthy living and its importance will continue to grow as people become aware of unnecessary health risks. The strength of our eco-friendly distribution opportunity is a combination of brand integrity, our people and our strong commitment to excellence, and to our customers.

If you are passionate about teaching and helping others achieve safe, healthy lifestyles the impact you could provide would be explosive.

Product distribution of O3 Pure products utilizes cutting edge technology of a number of products just entering the market while the Fornya Premium Handmade Soap provides the opportunity repeat sales and a residual income.

If you have either:
• Direct sales experience
• Experience building and executing marketing plans
• Experience managing a sales network
• A strong commitment to helping teach people how they lead safe, healthy lifestyles
• The desire to build a residual income
• The desire to earn additional income
You have what it takes to be part of the Fornya distribution team.

This is a ground floor opportunity where you decide which products you want to distribute. Possibilities of how you can build your business include:
• Adding one or more products to your personal care products you already sell ie.(Avon, Mary Kay)
• Starting a home party business
• Distribution to business professionals (beauty salons, nail salons, flower shops, hardware store, grocery stores etc.)
• Adding new products to an existing business
• Assisting organizations with fundraising

We offer everyone personal customized distribution opportunities to market a procession of new and phenomenal products which make a difference in people’s lives.

Please fill out the form on our “contact us” page. Please use the comments box to express your desire to become a dealer and we will get in contact with you within a few business days. (This IS NOT an MLM opportunity)
Thank you:

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Canadian Distribution
Kelly Flaming
2654 County Road 46
Ruscom Station, Ontario N0R 1R0
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